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Prefix your topic with your intention so we are clear on what outcome you are striving from the discussion. Examples:

  • [inform] You are simply seeking to inform the group of this item. You may field clarifying questions from the group on your inform, but not seeking further discussion at this time.

  • [ideation] You are seeking divergent and wide perspectives from this group. In this brainstorming mode, all ideas are accepted, without critical analysis.

    • It may be helpful to clarify whether you’d like to ideate on the problem space or the solution space.

  • [analysis] You are asking the group to help you poke holes in your idea/topic/plan/etc.

  • [quest] You are seeking information/responses to a question you have.


  • [inform] (Dave) Submit Open edX conference talks!

  • [AS][Wild Speculation] Are we in a startup runway situation now?

    • Should we consider more extreme short-term measures than we normally would, to minimize operating costs in the meantime?

    • Axim is coordinating a pile of funded contribution (FC) projects to make various improvements already; not a lot of bandwidth for new feature requests right now.

    • Spent a lot of time discussing this, hard to distill it into key points