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Prefix your topic with your intention so we are clear on what outcome you are striving from the discussion. Examples:

  • [inform] You are simply seeking to inform the group of this item. You may field clarifying questions from the group on your inform, but not seeking further discussion at this time.

  • [ideation] You are seeking divergent and wide perspectives from this group. In this brainstorming mode, all ideas are accepted, without critical analysis.

    • It may be helpful to clarify whether you’d like to ideate on the problem space or the solution space.

  • [analysis] You are asking the group to help you poke holes in your idea/topic/plan/etc.

  • [quest] You are seeking information/responses to a question you have.



  • [quest] (Dave): How’s the MySQL 8.0 switchover going?

    • Scheduled for 2am tonight

  • [quest] (Dave): What’s a good way to roll out database connection encoding changes to Studio for ? (configuration repo help)

    • Dave to make issue in configuration repo (?) to track this.

    • This may be overridable in edx-internal (which would allow for faster rollback)

    • Jeremy will see if we want to turn on Issues there

  • High-level, external-safe discussion of recent 2U staff meetings

  • [ideation] (Jeremy) 2U executive management has been talking a lot about the “Open edX maintenance burden”.  Where are teams feeling this, and how much time is it taking?  What parts of it would we actually be comfortable handing over to other organizations to handle?

    • Fixing bugs?

    • Merging dependency upgrade PRs?

    • Big framework upgrades?

    • Roadmap decisions?

    • Reviewing changes from outside the core owning/maintaining team?

    • Deprecating stuff that’s no longer useful?

    • Building extension points so optional features can be added without being added for everyone?

  • [quest] (Jeremy) Are there more things like the Insights stack that are effectively only used by 2U, and should be deprecated as far as Open edX is concerned?

    • And how should we proactively identify things like this moving forward?

    • (Andy) At least a yearish ago there was at least one other insights user

  • [quest] How deep are architecture vendor commitments?  What failover features are there?