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  • Report status, answer questions, remove blockers

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Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • Code to automatically add pull requests to boards is in review.

  • Pull requests currently don’t appear on specific projects unless they are manually added to those projects

  • The implementation allows repo owners to configure how their PRs are routed via changes to the catalog-info.yaml file.

  • Kelly Buchanan team will pilot this feature.

Phase 2, 2U repository list has been finalized

Kelly Buchanan

  • Participation in phase 2 has been finalized

  • We’ve started working to determine phase 3 participation

Front-end maintenance

Adolfo Brandes

  • Adolfo would like to include all MFEs and related libraries that are included in the release

  • We discussed whether this should be phase 2 or 3. There’s no reason to not pull FE repositories into phase 2, so we’ll do that.

Overall arc of maintenance


  • We have set the goal of having all code included in Palm maintained or deprecated.

  • We will use the next office hours to create a list of the repositories that need to be maintained to accomplish this.

  • Edward Zarecor stated that a future phase will have to be the “all in” phase where participation is no longer optional. Perhaps we frame this be what is included in the named releases. We can discuss at next office hours.

Major upgrades

Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

  • Major upgrades are a continuous need.

  • We have a couple queued up now

    • MongoDB is happening now and should probably be considered for 🌴

    • Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) and Edward Zarecor will connect to coordinate the effort to upgrade/remove uses of Elasticsearch

    • The Django framework will need to be upgraded about half way through 2023.

What goes where

Michelle Philbrick

  • Highlighted that some blended and FC PRs are on the contributions board.

  • There is a blended board, we should think of 2U as the owner of that board. Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) can determine whether it’s valuable or should be removed.

  • Blended tickets should not go on the contribution board.

  • Michelle Philbrick and Edward Zarecor will discuss a come back with a recommendation.

Project Management Capacity

Sarina Canelake

  • Sarina is aware of project management capacity that we can leverage if we have a need.

  • Feanil recommended taking over reporting on pilot status and creating tickets to help team manage their work.

  • We’ll connect everyone to ensure we still have availability and get this going.

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