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The board tracks the work needed to coordinate and execute a major technology upgrade or similar software maintenance task across many repositories. It also captures and tracks work in an Open edX repository which is orchestrated or implemented by a team other than its owner, so we can clearly and efficiently hand off responsibility for moving the work along when appropriate. It does not capture all the routine software maintenance that can be done within a single repository and team with little impact on others, or infrastructure updates that are largely internal to a single organization’s deployments.


The following improvements to the Maintenance board are under serious consideration:


  • When a PR moves to the “Owner Review” column of the Maintenance GitHub Project board, a GitHub Actions workflow looks up the owning squad’s notification preferences in the Ownership spreadsheet.  It then sends the appropriate Slack message, Jira ticket, etc. to request review and links to them in a comment on the PR, saving the author from having to do all this manually. (And somewhat mitigating the problem of publicly opaque team preferences for PR review request notifications.)

  • Either update an item’s status appropriately when the “waiting on author”, “needs maintainer attention”, or “waiting for eng review” labels are added, or add the labels automatically when the status changes. (The status is important for making the board useful, the labels are important for synchronizing status in other boards containing the same items.)

  • When a PR moves back from “Owner Review” to “In Progress”, the author is notified via Slack and email. This should reduce the odds of failing to notice that the ball is back in their court.

  • Automatically add Renovate and Python dependency upgrade PRs to the “Owner Review” column with the appropriate owner set (which triggers the notifications above). Some teams don’t need the extra nudging, but others would benefit from it.

  • Periodic reminders to teams of PRs pending their review and Issues pending selection of a service level. These could go out via email and/or Slack.

  • Daily workflow that updates a project field for each issue indicating the number of days since the last status change.