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  • Pilot Start/End Date

  • The Date on the phase 2 document is out of date, also is it the start date or the end date?

  • Start date for phase 2: Feb 9th

  • How long should we run phase 2?

    • 2 months - end on April 27th

  • Frontend Dependencies

  • Need a fronted how-to doc for dependency management.

  • Phase 2 - How can we know we’re doing phase 2 work?

  • We need things submitted so we can exercise the path.

  • Should we have some simulations

    • Treating a normal update as a security update.

  • We could ask people to document how they’ve incorporated the security check-ins into their process.

    • Useful as an artifact to see if a person has done Phase 2 work or not yet.

  • Culumative Maintainers Responsibilitese

  • Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) should we make some of these repo-health checks.

    • Yes as long as it doesn’t block other work, if Arbi-Bom has capacity, it would be useful as we expand.

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