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Date: March 1, 2023




The Deprecation Working Group focuses primarily on managing deprecation processes. Our primary goal is to get duplicate/unsupported/useless code removed from the platform.


  • We review the Deprecation Board and work to move things all the way to ‘fully removed’.

  • We review the deprecation processes and OEP to ensure that the process is as smooth and as easy as it possibly can be.

Concrete Plans - Next 6 Months

Over the next six months, the deprecation working group has some really exciting work queued up. We hope to drive {key metrics, description of impact, etc}. Our primary goals are to { work on / complete / another word} the following tasks and projects:

  • Task/project 1; 1-2 sentences of importance/impact

  • Task/project 2; 1-2 sentences of importance/impactContinuing work on UI deprecation for non-MFE UIs.

  • Deprecating the edx-sphinx-theme and using the new theme across our documentation.

If applicable: Links to roadmaps/GitHub projects/important wiki pages/etcOptional: We’ll provide a deeper dive into (name project(s) you’ll deep dive into) later in this report.

Deep Dive: Accomplishment/In-progress Initiative/Ongoing Task/Concrete Plan


Old Mongo Deprecation

  • All student and instructor access to Old Mongo courses has been removed.

  • Old Mongo will now be a read-only Modulestore that only supports returning the root CourseBlock (so we don’t break CourseOverviews).

  • Removing static asset support is blocked on certificates (which stores signatures there). We’re working on migrating this out.