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In Scope

Out of Scope

Taxonomy association at the Instance and organization level.

Personal or course-level taxonomy association.

Taxonomy authoring through a CSV/JSON import process.

[Stretch] Manual taxonomy creation directly in the platform.

Taxonomies will be made available to all courses and libraries within an organization.

Ability to free-form tag without an super user-defined field.

Ability to create both super user-defined fields for free-form tags and closed (super user-defined fields and values) taxonomies.

Ability to make it required for authors to add specific tags.

Ability to add/remove tags at unit (outline + libraries) and component (library only for now) levels.

Tagging at other levels.

Tags will not be visible to learnersauthors in Studio.

Tags will not be visible to authors in Studio.Tagging at other levelslearners.

Tagging at unit and component level.

Search across courses and/or libraries.

Free text search and tag-level search at both library and course outline levels.

Analytics on learner engagement with tagged content.

We will create a product tour for new users.

Ability to programmatically add tags on components/units.