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Info (Delete before publishing): This report is intended to be, as much as possible, short and sweet. It's mostly fill-in-the-blanks. The audience for all sections is "whole community"


Table of Contents


The Product Working Group focuses primarily on understanding the needs of our community, defining core product features, and developing new or improved product features to meet our community’s needs. Our primary goal is to provide product leadership in the community. Our group is guided by the Product working group Charter .


Further, we’ve made significant progress on the following initiatives:


  • Pull request review guidelines, as described above (target completion: Santiago Suarez )

  • Product Narrative work (Faqir Bilal describe what will be done/completed or milestones hit in by September 2023)

  • Modular Learning:

    • Launch V1 Studio copy/paste feature

    • Launch MVP Content Tagging Tool

  • Core Product work as described above:

    • Aim to complete product health & landscape research for 40-50 features within the next 6 months

    • With this report, determine how we are to proceed with features we think do not fit in the “core”: options include deprecation, conversion to plugin/XBlock, or putting behind a feature flag

If applicable: Links to roadmaps/GitHub projects/important wiki pages/etc

Future Vision for the Group (Optional)