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The Build-Test-Release Working Group focuses primarily on creating and maintaining Open edX releases for use by the global community. It is under the DevOps Working Group umbrella.


  • We are striving to make the release process more repeatable. As we find parts of the process that depend on one person's knowledge or initiative, we have been documenting them for future iterations of the build-test-release group.

  • For Olive, we had a new release manager: Matjaz Gregoric! And for Palm, we will also have a new chair: Jorge Londoño! Continuing to have smooth releases under new leadership is a sign that we are on the right track.

[optional] We continue to engage in a set of ongoing tasks; these tasks are work we need to be sure we’re doing on a regular basis, but we don’t want to lose sight of their importance. Those tasks are:

  • Ongoing task 1; 1-2 sentences of importance/impact

  • Ongoing task 2; 1-2 sentences of importance/impact

Optional: We’ll provide a deeper dive into (name accomplishment(s) you’ll deep dive into) later in this report.

Concrete Plans - Next 6 Months


Our board:

Optional: We’ll provide a deeper dive into (name project(s) you’ll deep dive into) later in this report.

Future Vision for the Group (Optional)

Moving beyond the next six months, the {working_group_name} is really excited about making progress in {areas of interest}. Describe why these areas are interesting/important, and what their intended impact is. Include as much information as you wish here, but short and sweet is also OK.

Deep Dive: Accomplishment/In-progress Initiative/Ongoing Task/Concrete Plan (Optional)

Use this section to write or link to deep dives into any of your accomplishments or initiatives that would benefit the community to know more about. You can assume readers at this point will have the background knowledge to understand this being written in industry jargon. You may have as few or many “Deep Dive” links as you’d like. If you don’t have a place to post deep-dive content at the moment, consider posting them as blog posts on the Open edX site.