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5 min

Funded Contribution Roundup

Brian Mesick

  • GA4 upgrade kicked off, expected to go quickly

  • Redis bus on track, producer is merged consumer is under review

  • Collecting BI consultant suggestions for writing OARS reports

10 min

OARS updates

Jill Vogel or Brian Mesick

  • Pre-alpha code getting in for the conference (smile)

  • Running end-to-end in Tutor, but missing some critical functionality

  • Datasources, configuration, reports are working but will be revisited and refined post-conference and with the input of consultants

  • Hoping to have a demo site up for everyone to play with this week, but again things are still very early

5 min

Clickhouse Coursegraph

Brian Mesick

  • A subset of course data gets sent to Clickhouse in near-real-time on course publish

  • Necessary for getting block names and course structure to OARS, hopefully will merge in the next couple of weeks

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