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Conference follow-up

Jenna Makowski Sarina Canelake @ali

  • Share brainstorming results to inform deeper dive next meeting

  • Any feedback from folks on conference in general?


Writing community guidelines for building features

Sarina Canelake

Some guidelines are now proposed for how to handle pull requests and how to propose making a feature (making a roadmap ticket, etc). This needs to be documented somewhere. Who can take this task?

  1. Wiki documentation of PR review process [Ryan/Jenna/Shelly]

  2. Documentation of doing product discovery/feature definition in the open and how to submit [Santiago]

  3. Once it’s in wiki, translate to docs.openedx.oeg [Sarina]


Release notes discussion

Ryan O'Connell

In an effort to build a comprehensive location for product announcements we’ve (2U) been publishing release notes on the Product WG Blog… and we’re lonely 😥

Is it a good place? where do you post yours? would an in-app experience be better? all things release notes.


PR updates

Ryan O'Connell

Jenna Makowski

✅ Action items



Possible sub-working groups by area of expertise:

  • LTI

  • Mobile

  • ORA/discussions

  • Residential/”on campus” experience

  • Community in online learning/social aspects of online learning

How do we consider the design? Communication and oversite/insight? Rituals and ceremonies?