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5 min

Funded contribution updates

Brian Mesick

  • Google Analytics 4 almost complete on main branches, starting to land on Palm, Olive coming soon (pending info on whether we’re doing an olive.4 release)

  • Redis bus almost complete, looking at expanding scope to allow bus events to be toggled via configuration

15 min

OARS production performance testing

Cristhian Garcia

Maria Grimaldi

EduNEXT has been trying out OARS on a fairly large production site. I’m hoping they’ll present on it. (smile) Otherwise I’ll try to summarize what we’ve seen so far.


10 min

Event Sinks

Brian Mesick

event-sink-clickhouse is a new type of plugin project, created to listen for Signals and Open edX Events and transform / send them asynchronously to different backends. I just want to socialize this pattern a bit as a way to share platform data in novel ways.

10 min

Verifiable Credentials Events

Edward Zarecor

We have been working on creating support for the Open Badges 3.0 and VC data model into the Credentials IDA. We didn’t think deeply about eventing these new iteractions.

  • Curious if anyone knows about relevant xAPI profiles?

  • How can we have more influence and ensuring are properly added to new features.

5 min

Campus roadmap

Edward Zarecor

There are a couple of groups pushing features for making the platform a better solution for on campus use cases. Analytics is one of their big needs. Discuss.

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