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  • Maria Grimaldi

    • Added code-owners

    • Added dependabot

    • Need to update docs in the next 2 weeks.

    • Blockers

      • Need Read the docs set up.

  • Adolfo Brandes

    • Multiple MFEs

      • Palm Node 18 upgrade focus

        • This is somewhat controversial as the Enterprise MFE has an issue with the upgrade

        • Considering merging the upgrades directly to the Palm branches

        • Node 16 will be out of support before Quince – September

        • Adolfo will focus unblocking the Enterprise issues

      • There is another issue frontend app discussions that is requiring a similar strategy.

  • Ned Batchelder

    • Nothing specific to report, ramping back up after conferences and hackathon.

  • Michelle Philbrick

    • Steady as she goes.

  • Edward Zarecor

    • Still working on a solution for detecting PRs that need the tests run. Blocked by slow GitHub support

    • Phase 4 will be the monolith, duck

    • Will work with Feanil to update our Phase 2 status

    • Need to check with Gabriel D'Amours on the status of the scorecard.

  • Jeremy Bowman

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