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5 min

Funded contribution updates

Brian Mesick

  • Redis bus last expected PRs are up for review.

    • Navin is up for Core Contributor!

  • OARS reporting schema preliminary work is started, focused on project structure and identifying missing data

15 mins

Administrative reporting

Brian Mesick

Vincent left a comment on the last meeting notes about some high level reporting needs, including those for financial reporting and marketing. These are things that have been intentionally left out of the current OARS spec due to the different ways the platform can be deployed (for example single institution vs multiple institution) and the various tools that can be used for marketing analytics.

Are there tools or reports that folks can think of beyond Google Analytics and Segment that are worth us investing in for the future? Specifically I’m interested in tools for reporting at the cross-course “organization” level.

15 mins

Demographic data temperature check

Brian Mesick

Many historical reports featured demographic learner data such as age, gender, and location. The collection of this data had been scaled back or made optional due to privacy regulations and learner discomfort. Depending on configuration we may have very little to none of this data to display. Do your installations collect this data? If so, is it via the learner profile, course enrollment questions, or some other mechanism? How do we feel as a group about collecting and reporting on this information going forward?

20 mins

Cairn & OARS

Brian Mesick and Régis if he attends

The two great tastes that taste great together. Axim and Edly have been talking about the specifics of combining the projects and have aligned on some high level goals. This is some time set aside to talk about where we’re at and answer any questions.

Nothing is set in stone yet, this will likely be an ongoing meeting item until the consolidation is complete.

10 mins

Data input for new initiatives

Edward Zarecor

A big area of investment now is modular learning. Specifically the design work for taxonomies is going on now. Jill Vogel is workin on this, so I’m sure OARS is under consideration, but I’m certain that taxonomy data will be highly desired in our reporting systems. What’s the best way to make sure we consider this in the implementation.

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