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Monday, June 26, 1pm ET / 5pm UTC


Please register in advance hereRecording: https://us02webdrive.zoomgoogle.uscom/meetingfile/registerd/tZMrdeGqrjIsHdUIiloxz0JG-NVeQm_MMgrn14zoOMpiIc5xkFcdOgNv-A0CpjkaC1ntW/view?usp=drive_link


1:00 - 1:20: “Non-Non-Linear Learning using Open EdX: Resource Hubs” Hubs

  • Presentation from Arizona State University Team


  • A look at organizing ungraded, browsable “resource hubs” to be useful for self-directed learners.

  • Q&A Starting at 14:30

1:40 - 1:50: Documentation Project Strategy

Introduce the plan for creating and migrating Educator documentation to the new portal. Call for volunteers and topic leads.

1:50 - 2:00: Collect input & feedback for new DemoX course

Introduce the early plans for a new DemoX course.

Collect feedback via open discussion and an asynchronous survey delivered after the session.

2:00 - 2:30 Open

Agenda is open at this point. Group members can add agenda items to this page.

If no agenda items, time will be used for open discussion and/or early close.

[Jenna]: Your input needed! Help us design the next-generation reports and analytics dashboard. Add your requests/needs hereGoal: Knowledge Share around Pain Points

  • Encouragement of bringing common pain points to future agendas. Topics and questions for which experts and presentations might not exist, but would benefit from


  • Overview of a proposed process for Educators working group. Based on existing Documentation process from Axim, modified to avoid requiring RST

  • A complicating factor is the variation between versions. Especially as we roll out MFEs. It is important to use the most recent release. As we still work a lot of instances toward the most recent release, one strategy we can use is to focus on sections and topics that aren’t as affected by recent changes.

  • Decision: John Swope will liaise with Jenna Makowski on upcoming priorities to determine the first section.

  • Decision: Choose a simple section to start with. Map out the topics and start by documenting those topics.

  • Elizabeth Gordon and ASU has developed some of their own documentation, and can copy this over to a format that is ready for RST conversion.

  • Ask: Calling for volunteers to support documentation.

  • Sarina Canelake is available for supporting/teaching documentation for folks who want a resource.

DemoX Course (v2)

  • Goal is to build a new version of the DemoX course that is inspiring and informative for new users of the Open edX platform.

  • Consensus was that people use this course as a basic “how-to” course for students and a reference for course developers.

  • There is appreciation for a course with a common course structure just being available, and so it gets used in a variety of ways.

  • An asynchronous survey will be sent out soon.

Dashboarding and Analytics