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  • There is one remaining repository that needs to be brought into conformance to close out phase 2. Gabriel D'Amours will work with Kelly Buchanan to do that and hopefully it can happen this week.

  • We need to converge on a plan for phase 3 rapidly. Ideally we could kick that off immediately.

    • react-unit-test-utils was bumped, per Slack convo from phase 2 to phase 23.

    • Based on other conversations about maintenance plans, we pulled edx-platform into phase 3. We’ll need to coordinate plans for supporting it with Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

    • We also added frontend-app-learner-dashboard to phase 3 scope.

    • Edward Zarecor will coordinate pulling in all Aspects related repos to be maintained by Axim for phase 3.

    • The maintainers group should consider whether there are other high-priority repositories that we should consider pulling it.

      • Should we recruit, again, a community maintainer for the ecom repository after 2U have moved to releasing from a branch? This work is apparently in flight now.

    • Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) will work with 2U maintainers to move repos from pending to confirmed as quickly as reasonable. He’ll come back with a proposed schedule for that.

  • Feanil Patel will write up an ADR on OEP-55 to propose that all new repos much come with a commitment to maintain them.