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Commit Lint failures with TypeScript aware repositories

Marlon Keating and ??? Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

Marlon Keating is making his first appearance, representing edX!

edX is working on enabling TypeScript support in frontend build. They are running into some issues.

Mostly it's around testing, linting, and CI. There's a bug in commitlint. If there is no tsconfig, it will fail. If a downstream repo does not want to use TypeScript, they will not have a typescript config and the build will fail.

They would like more PRs on the workarounds for this because some of them are messy, and they'd like to know if anyone else has run into it so far.

Example failure:

Suggested resolution: Temporarily rename tsconfig file during commit lint stage, add comment with reason why and link to issue so anyone who is bothered by this workaround can fix it if upstream does.


New MFE for ORA?

??Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

New MFE for ORA uses a potential pattern for complex XBlocks with an in-learning experience modal, with different views and with its own dependencies.

This functionality was initially built for LTI, and avoids nested iframes, using just one and leveraging the messaging functionality of the XBlock API. An ADR will be in Frontend-app-ORA.



Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

Report of success and pleasure developing with react-query (apparently, part of TanStack Query) for state management with API calls.