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This document lays out the product goals and steps toward a full V1 release of Aspects. The goal of the V1 release is to deliver an MVP experience for administrators, instructional designers and course teams to access a curated set of the most important reports they need for analyzing course success and instance health, directly in-platform. 


V1 experience:

A V1 experience will include the following. However, we will likely de-scope the dashboard experiences from the MVP.

  1. A basic set of reports with visualized data for administrators 

  2. A basic set of reports with visualized data for course authors and delivery teams

  3. A dashboard experience for administrators to access reports

  4. A dashboard experience for course teams to access reports

  5. An optional workflow for administrators to access the raw data.


All questions that attempt to quantify “time spent” (time spent in the course, time spent on a problem, time spent on a unit, etc) need to be defined. (the “get up to make lunch” problem)

Default definition of “active”, with some config options for customization

Appropriate/sensitively designed UI for eliciting voluntary learner demographic data

Is there an MVP for component-level reports that can be released without in-platform/in-course UI?

Possible Future Directions: