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  • The scheduled workflow will need following input parameters to successfully run all the checks and generate desired reports

    • ORG_NAMES: Space separated list of organization names to parse repositories i.e. 'openedx edx . . .'

    • EDX_REPO_HEALTH_BRANCH: Branch of the openedx/edx-repo-health repo to check out. This can be used to run custom checks against repositories if needed.

    • ONLY_CHECK_THIS_REPOSITORY: If you only want to run repo health on one repository, set this to org/name of the desired repository.

    • REPORT_DATE: The date for which repo health data is required. (format: YYYY-MM-DD). Pass this argument if you want to parse the repositories data for any specific date.

    • REPO_HEALTH_OWNERSHIP_SPREADSHEET_URL: URL for the google spreadsheet to populate the data.

    • REPO_HEALTH_REPOS_WORKSHEET_ID: ID for the google spreadsheet to populate the data.

    • TARGET_REPO_TO_STORE_REPORTS: Target repo to store the csv reports & results i.e. org/repo-name

    • REPOS_TO_IGNORE: Space separated list of repositories to be ignored i.e. 'repo1 repo2 . . .'

How to


customize checks for your needs?

edx_repo_health_branch parameter can be used to test custom changes of the script on the repositories. This can be helpful when you