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Recordings and Chat Log 🎥

\uD83D\uDDE3 Discussion topics





  Action Items

Help needed - Debugging persistent grade issues

Peter Pinch

Review needed on opaque keys PR

Braden MacDonald

✅ Action items from the last meeting:

  • Maria Grimaldi will review, Stefania will ask Ghassan and Alexz will try to get someone from Raccoon Gang.

    • This was merged last week (smile)

Feedback needed - Open edX Survey Report

Jorge Londoño

Help needed - Bug triagers for Quince release

Jorge Londoño

MFEs for Quince

Adolfo Brandes

  • No new MFEs will land in Quince

  • Learner dashboard MFE future is uncertain. They’re still figuring out what to do about it. The idea is to get it ready for Quince

⤴ Decisions