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5 min

Funded Contribution Updates

Brian Mesick

  • Redis Bus - completed

  • Aspects data pipelines & reports on break through next month

  • New proposal(s) kicking off this week

10 min

New events

Brian Mesick

The Aspects team has added or is in the process of adding some new events to enable v1 reporting:

  • Tracking: Login / logout (merged 9/19)

  • Tracking: Completions (in progress)

  • xAPI: Forum events

  • xAPI: Grading events

  • xAPI: Exam events

  • ClickHouse Sink: User profiles (optional)

15 mins

Aspects Beta

Brian Mesick

Beta is open: Aspects Beta

Feel free to join up, we’ll set up access for you! Communications are in Slack: #aspects

Quick demo / walkthrough of where we’re at, and discussions of next steps.

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