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Meeting notes

  Action Items

Follow-up - Debugging persistent grade issues

Peter Pinch


Follow-up - Open edX Survey Report

Jorge Londoño

  • Ed proposed the idea of a campaign to encourage community engagement when the new feature is ready for rollout

  • Xavier mentioned the need for more channels to reach out to the broader community, such as an opt-in banner or news section on all Open edX instances.

  • Ali mentioned an upcoming beta testing program project to involve users in the development process and decision-making.

  • Ali asked about the incentives for users to participate in beta testing, to which Ed responded that users get to be part of the steering committee and have their voices heard. Xavier emphasized the importance for betatesters of getting privileged access to decision-makers, and becoming a reference among colleagues.

  • Jorge Londoño mentioned that they are working on the implementation (option #1 in the django admin) and hopes to share the final results soon

Follow-up - How do we make sure strings in frontend-app-communications are sent to Transifex?

(and frontend-app-course-authoring, and frontend-lib-content-components that is using it)

Pierre Mailhot

Not fully discussed during the meeting as Pierre Mailhot was not present, but the topic was brought up in Slack.

There seemed to be a blocker on the availability of Atlas for Quince, but it now seem available:

Follow-up - MFEs for Quince

  • Learner dashboard MFE future is uncertain. They’re still figuring out what to do about it. The idea is to get it ready for Quince

Adolfo Brandes

  • Additionally, Adolfo said that the MFE will be the first to use Atlas in a release, with the help of Brian, Omar, and himself. They are also planning to introduce a plugin architecture for the MFE, with details to be finalized in the coming months. The team is still working on these projects, so it's not guaranteed that they will be ready for the Quince release.

Adolfo Brandes mentioned that he, Brian Smith and others, are working on fixing the learner dashboard MFE, which should be ready for Quince.

Outdated MFEs

  • From the last frontend meeting: “Many MFEs are stuck an old FE platform version because of breaking changes.”

  • Adolfo talked about the challenges of keeping MFs up to date, particularly due to breaking changes in upgrades. Adolfo expressed hope that these issues could be solved with the help of Piral down the line (cf draft OEP-65).

MFEs documentation & reviews

  • From the last BTR meeting: “can we make documentation/a checklist on what we need for a conversion from server side rendered templates to an MFE?”

  • From a September sprint update:

    • “Identify MFEs and new repos earlier and review the processes for enabling them. Advocate for better documentation and easier configuration while there’s still time to make changes.”

    • “ Maybe a solution to this would be to include someone from the BTR working groups in reviews of new repos & MFEs going forward?”

Adolfo Brandes Peter Pinch

  • Adolfo mentioned that there is a list of requirements for an MFE in the wiki, which is being used to check the Learner dashboard against.

  • Xavier raised the point about new MFEs review for documentation, proposing that there should always be a reviewer caring about the documentation when a new MFE repository is introduced.

  • Adolfo outlined the current process for introducing a new MFE:

    • It includes a long-lived ticket with requirements (example) and an implicit review process. He suggested that the ownership of these issues could be better handled by someone more product-focused, as they could coordinate translation efforts and features.

    • The ultimate test for a new MFE is through BTR, where a plugin is made for the MFE and added to the Test Plan.

  • Adolfo expressed concerns about the current process of preparing for releases, noting that the workload becomes too heavy in the last two weeks before release and that the PR comes only a couple of weeks before release.

    • Adolfo suggested that this could be improved by having a single owner for each new MFE to help coordinate efforts.

    • Xavier and Ali discussed the possibility of assigning a product review ticket for each MFE, and review/assign it as part of the product working group meeting triage.

    • Ed suggested that it probably wouldn’t fit well with the product working group, as it’s often not product decisions. Instead, Ed suggested it would be beneficial to have of a group of front-end architects (including Adolfo, but not just Adolfo), who would be focused on questions about MFEs.

    • Adolfo mentioned the need to decide on whether a given MFE would be included in a release, and the group agreed that this should be a product decision.

  • The difficulty can also be to know about new MFEs early enough, they are often worked on separately before being brought to the project.

    • Xavier asked if there were ways to detect them automatically, which seem difficult.

    • Ned revealed there are three repos in the Edx Github organization that start with 'front end app,' one of which is private, and agreed to investigate for Adolfo.

  • Adolfo suggested having an action item for owning and pushing for new MFEs and other features, and Ali agreed to bring this up in the group on Thursday.

  • Angie proposed a standardized process for developing MFEs, including criteria for identifying the owner of each MFE and the skills needed for its development.

    • Adolfo noted that some of these ideas were already present in the new MF roadmap issue.

  • Ed emphasized the need to separate product requirements from technical implementation and suggested that product changes should be decided based on their efficacy.

  • Ali Hugo will bring up the topic of ownership for pushing new MFEs (or features in general) with the product working group

  • Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) will be investigating the 3 repos in the edX Github organization that start with 'front end app,' one of which is private, and let Adolfo Brandes know the outcome.

Frontend summit

  • Given the summit’s outcome, Xavier asked how we would prevent multiple implementations from persisting. Adolfo clarified that no decisions were made at the summit and that attendees were assigned tasks to propose unified solutions for all discussed use cases.

  • Braden and Kelly's teams have proposed course authoring and learner dashboard solutions respectively. Adolfo stressed the need for further exploration and development of these proposals, aiming to unify the Learner dashboard to address most of the discussed use cases.

  • There will be an iterative approach developing the general direction of the learner dashboard. Ed emphasized the significance of having operational code and testing it in production, which everyone agreed upon regarding requirements.

  • Adolfo made it clear that they were not working towards Quince but for the following release, Redwood, intending to achieve version 1.0 of the architecture or Plugin API within six months.

  • The team also emphasized the need for caution to prevent multiple implementations of the project.

Braden MacDonald and Kelly Buchanan's team have proposed course authoring and learner dashboard solutions respectively, and will be aiming to unify their approaches.

Product & UX meeting

  • Last core contributors update: “The Paragon Working Group would like to get members of the Product Working Group (and others in the community) more involved in UX discussions. This will allow individuals outside of 2U, not only to keep tabs on design updates, but also to help guide the design of Open edX. The idea is to start a cross-functional meeting for context/knowledge sharing around design. Anyone interested in getting involved?”

  • Previous core contributors update: Discussions about setting up a betatester program

Ali Hugo

Discussion postponed to next meeting (out of time)

Product reviews & discussions

Previous core contributors update: “It is still hard to get more contributors involved in the product conversations in a timely manner.”

Jorge Londoño

Discussion postponed to next meeting (out of time)

New named release manager role

Please take a look at a proposed new CC role (comments end 10 Nov):

Sarina Canelake

Discussion postponed to next meeting (out of time)

Maintainer phase 3 - Looking for maintainers

Xavier Antoviaque

Discussion postponed to next meeting (out of time)

Async working group updates - News section

Adding a news section to all working groups wiki pages to facilitate building the summary:

Xavier Antoviaque

Discussion postponed to next meeting (out of time)