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openedx/blockstore: master (branch) d542843
  2023-10-10 Piotr Surowiec: chore: Updating Python Requirements
openedx/configuration: master (branch) eae1798
  2023-10-10 GitHub: Merge pull request #7039 from openedx/nadeem/remove-aws-credentials-for-r7-pkg-download
openedx/course-discovery: master (branch) eca596e
  2023-10-10 GitHub: feat: add field tracker timebased filtering to organization model (#4138)
openedx/credentials: master (branch) 06152ec
  2023-10-10 GitHub: Bump credentials-themes to (#2231)
openedx/cs_comments_service: master (branch) 81e11c7
  2023-10-02 GitHub: Merge pull request #415 from openedx/ahtisham/INF-943
openedx/devstack: master (branch) 9826d42
  2023-10-09 GitHub: build(deps): Bump peter-evans/create-or-update-comment (#1203)
openedx/ main (branch) a4ce9a2
  2023-10-04 GitHub: Merge pull request #386 from Zeit-Labs/oep58-docs
openedx/ecommerce-worker: master (branch) 08df5d2
  2023-08-04 GitHub: chore: added CODEOWNERS file (#199)
openedx/ecommerce: master (branch) f0e196f
  2023-09-07 GitHub: fix: Docker multi-arch images push for linux/amd64, linux/arm64 (#4006)
openedx/edx-analytics-configuration: release (branch) d703f60
  2021-06-03 GitHub: Merge pull request #92 from edx/hassan/remove-grafana-related-code
openedx/edx-analytics-dashboard: master (branch) 3c2423d
  2023-10-09 GitHub: Merge pull request #1512 from openedx/fix-dockerfile-git
openedx/edx-analytics-data-api: master (branch) bc09c56
  2023-10-06 GitHub: Upgrade Django version to 4.2 LTS (#683)
openedx/edx-analytics-pipeline: release (branch) 11e9e15
  2023-03-27 GitHub: Merge pull request #888 from openedx/hassan/update-github-rsa-pub-key
openedx/edx-app-android: release/latest (branch) 7df68ed
  2023-08-15 GitHub: Merge pull request #1813 from openedx/farhan_ar/LEARNER-9527
openedx/edx-app-ios: release/latest (branch) d226b65
  2023-01-30 saeedbashir: build: bump build to version 4
openedx/edx-documentation: master (branch) 5c78e67
  2023-10-03 GitHub: Merge pull request #2194 from openedx/jenkins/upgrade-python-requirements-66ea319
openedx/edx-notes-api: master (branch) 5d62349
  2023-10-06 GitHub: Merge pull request #346 from openedx/zshkoor/django42-support
openedx/edx-platform: 2u/release (branch) 1db6867
  2023-10-10 GitHub: fix: replace py2neo with forked package (#33453)
openedx/enterprise-access: main (branch) 4e35ec1
  2023-10-10 GitHub: feat: rely on DefaultPagination from `edx_rest_framework_extensions` (#290)
openedx/enterprise-catalog: master (branch) 63102f5
  2023-10-10 GitHub: Merge pull request #693 from openedx/pwnage101/ENT-7729-2
openedx/frontend-app-account: master (branch) f098fe1
  2023-10-10 GitHub: feat: babel-plugin-react-intl to babel-plugin-formatjs migration (#894)
openedx/frontend-app-authn: master (branch) 7b4714a
  2023-10-06 GitHub: feat: fix recommendations card subtitle (#1070)
openedx/frontend-app-communications: master (branch) 7ce2a61
  2023-09-22 Adolfo R. Brandes: refactor: update lock file version
openedx/frontend-app-course-authoring: master (branch) 3fe3534
  2023-10-03 GitHub: feat: update copy for xpert summary card (#619)
openedx/frontend-app-discussions: master (branch) 6721225
  2023-09-24 edx-transifex-bot: chore(i18n): update translations
openedx/frontend-app-ecommerce: master (branch) 6cb5096
  2023-09-18 GitHub: fix: Only show subscriptions section if user has any subscriptions (#333)
openedx/frontend-app-gradebook: master (branch) 295048b
  2023-10-10 leangseu-edx: fix: add limited_staff to allowedRoles
openedx/frontend-app-learner-dashboard: master (branch) 1478956
  2023-10-08 edx-transifex-bot: chore(i18n): update translations
openedx/frontend-app-learner-record: master (branch) 5719b43
  2023-10-10 GitHub: Merge pull request #190 from openedx/update-browserslist-db
openedx/frontend-app-learning: master (branch) 5604def
  2023-10-04 renovate[bot]: chore(deps): update dependency @edx/frontend-build to v12.9.17
openedx/frontend-app-ora-grading: master (branch) c644da3
  2023-10-10 leangseu-edx: fix: decodeURIComponent for locationId
openedx/frontend-app-ora: master (branch) 98ddeef
  2023-10-10 GitHub: feat: progress updates
openedx/frontend-app-payment: master (branch) c39417a
  2023-09-19 GitHub: Revert "temp: add maintenance page for mysql8 upgrade (#807)" (#809)
openedx/frontend-app-profile: master (branch) 43f485d
  2023-10-10 GitHub: Merge pull request #850 from openedx/update-browserslist-db
openedx/frontend-app-publisher: master (branch) 310da60
  2023-10-08 renovate[bot]: fix(deps): update dependency postcss to v8.4.31 [security]
openedx/frontend-app-support-tools: master (branch) dfc178f
  2023-10-03 GitHub: Merge pull request #358 from openedx/knguyen2/ENT-7784
openedx/frontend-template-application: master (branch) 5e86b4b
  2023-10-09 renovate[bot]: fix(deps): update dependency @edx/frontend-platform to v5.5.1
openedx/license-manager: master (branch) 9335ec3
  2023-10-06 GitHub: fix: personalization on remind (#532)
openedx/openedx-demo-course: master (branch) 51d2166
  2023-08-02 GitHub: Merge pull request #45 from raccoongang/ruzniaievdm/fix/change-syntax
openedx/openedx-test-course: master (branch) b8444d5
  2023-02-24 GitHub: Merge pull request #14 from openedx/repo_checks/ensure_workflows
openedx/repo-tools: master (branch) c25c80f
  2023-09-28 GitHub: chore: Updating Python Requirements (#444)
openedx/testeng-ci: master (branch) 890a9c4
  2023-08-31 GitHub: Merge pull request #381 from openedx/iamsobanjaved/fix-deleted-file
openedx/tubular: master (branch) ef4de4a
  2023-09-28 GitHub: Merge pull request #699 from openedx/jdmulloy/agents_as_code
openedx/xblock-skill-tagging: main (branch) 436d3cd
  2023-09-27 GitHub: Merge pull request #19 from open-craft/navin/fix-performance-issues
openedx/xqueue: master (branch) b822772
  2023-09-26 GitHub: fix: Actually install pip.txt when installing requirements (#905)