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Assign meeting lead and note taker.
Felipe Montoya to lead the meeting. Jhony Avella takes notes.

  1. Greetings & introductions as needed.

New members in the meeting:

Alvaro from Ceibal

Mahendra Chaudari

  1. Updates:


No new updates. The Open PRs by Gábor Boros are still waiting for engineering review. Jhony Avella already approved a couple of them.


Important pushing on the maintenance working group side of things to support more OpenedX repositories.

Tried to connect Prometheus with superset using Trino to translate PromQL queries to SQL. It still needs to be more battle-tested.


Max is experiencing problems with Kubernetes 1.28 and node selectors. Labels are not assigned on time in AWS to schedule workloads in specific node groups. Using Bottlerocket images fixes the problem. The issue is still being investigated.


Joining for the first time. He is interested in understanding the flow of the Kubernetes deployment. Felipe Montoya provides the Harmony project's historical context and explains the main goal of the project.


He expresses that the meeting could be too technical for this use case. However, he was invited by Felipe Montoya to participate in providing feedback when the project is implemented in production environments.

Review of issues