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Task report

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Mongo 7 Upgrades

Python 3.12

  • Tooling to Detect Python Version?

    • Repo health dashboard might be able to get this from classifiers.

  • 3.12 Update is now the highest priority maintenance item for Redwood, please prioritize it over other maintenance work.

Paragon Maintainer

Currently no maintainer listed.

  • Joint maintainership between Axim and Opencraft probably makes the most sense.

Redwood Cut

Did this move? Is it still April or May?

  • Neither, we’ll do the cut Apri 23(ish) unless we push it further when we get closer

Interacting w/ Maintainers

What’s the best practice here?

  • Ping in comments or assign as reviewers.

    • Let’s request reviewes rather than ping in comments for now and we can change it if it’s not working.

  • Concern, review requests can be noisy because people ask lots of people for review.

  • What about stalled reviews?

    • They should be brought up to this group to escalate to the maintainers.

✅ Action items


⤴ Decisions

  • To request reviews from maintainers, the PR Triage Coordinatiors will assign the PR to the listed maintainer as a first step.

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Maintenance Working Group Meeting (2024-03-14 09:33 GMT-4) - Transcript


Adolfo Brandes, Awais Qureshi, Chintan Joshi, Fateme Khodayari, Feanil Patel, Feanil Patel's Presentation, Kyle McCormick, Maria Grimaldi, Michelle Philbrick, Nadheem Abdulla, Navin Karkera, Nihad Rahim, Piotr Surowiec, Sarina Canelake, Spencer Tiberi, Tim Krones, Yagnesh nayi


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Feanil Patel: Hey everybody. Welcome to the maintenance working group meeting. We've got a couple of things new things to discuss but not too many. So I think it will probably won't take up the full hour unless people have other things to add. If you do, please feel free to toss them on the agenda here.

Feanil Patel: Before we get started. Also, please add yourself to the list of participants on that page if you're here and help take notes. Should so just going through the previous to starting with mine. I guess here. Let me share my screen.

Feanil Patel: but I did this so we don't do that. All right previous to news one of the big things from last week special from the attic platform and it's working group was this conversation around potential models for helping me maintain edex platform since it's so big. I haven't gotten around to building a template for this yet. But I'm gonna build out a template so that people can suggest various models that might work since it's such a big single repository. I think our strategies for the other reposit. Where there's a single maintenance or single team maintaining is not going to work as well. So there's a couple of different things we can do and I want to document them and discuss them. So once that exists, I'll share that around.

Feanil Patel: I think we don't have Robert or Jeremy today because of meeting conflicts. For the edx platform. I think this one can be marked done.

Feanil Patel: So yeah, this was around helping prioritize platform upgrade work good news on that front, which we'll get to in seconds of Mongo work is done. So the Python 3 upgrade I think is the biggest Redwood blocker that I'm aware of at the moment. Everything else I think is nice to have for Redwood but is not required in terms of no longer getting security updates and other sort of like critical external dependencies.

Feanil Patel: I'm just going to mark this off.

Feanil Patel: Okay, so many things living.

Feanil Patel: And then couple for Jeremy Kyle. I saw you hop on TV updates on the libs ass stuff.

Kyle McCormick: I've worked on it for last time since I've been in Pakistan. I guess my update is that I will do it before the road would cut.

Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: Okay, sounds good. Let me know if it doesn't make sense to keep on here or if it's helpful if you've got a ticket or some other way of tracking it. We don't need it on here.

Kyle McCormick: Yeah, yeah leave it on there and I will replace it with a ticket.

Feanil Patel: Since and then Adolfo doing the updates on the Note 20 ticketing and planning.

Adolfo Brandes: No, not really since maybe I'm not sure what point it was last time. There is a main issue now, and I started work on. Or with Brian's help we finished the upgrade on the template application, which is really easy because it's not actually used in production anywhere.

Feanil Patel: it's nice

Adolfo Brandes: so we have a proposed path forward and I'm working with

Adolfo Brandes: I'm working with Robert on coordinating how the actual upgrades are going to happen. basically who's gonna press the merge button? And when right? so Yeah,…

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I got it. Okay good.

Adolfo Brandes: it's moving.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, we don't need that till sumac so it's not a huge. Rush as long as we're sort of continue to make progress on that.

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah. Yeah, we just need to start it. Yeah.

Feanil Patel: Yeah. Yeah.

Feanil Patel: All Yeah, I don't have a lot of discussion So real quick Mongo seven upgrade on both CS comment service notes platform that's landed. I've notified the tutor maintenance about it. So presumably they'll take over from here to Land updates in tutor to be able to use that with nightly. I put a small run book in this first discussion post which includes the upgrade path. So if people want to try it locally They're welcome to there is a little bit of when you upgrade between the versions of Mongo. You do have to run an admin command against your Mongo to make it compatible with the new version.


Feanil Patel: But I detailed that all there so that if that's helpful. I don't know sort of the intricacies of how tutor upgrades Mongo. and if they need any help with that, but that information is all there. I think Both repos are now running tests against four four and seven. And so we're waiting to hear back for when we can drop four support, but I think probably after Redwood will drop four support. Just so people have a little bit more flexibility. I think technically for four goes end of life. this month so

Feanil Patel: we might need to upgrade people sooner, but the information is all in the forms now, so people can take that and do with that as they wish. if there's no security updates that come out between now and Redwood you probably don't need to update but that's a risk and that's when we want to avoid if we can. Especially because it was as far as I can tell fairly drop in replacement from all the testing.

Feanil Patel: and then the next update is python 312 PR just starting the land the X improvements team at axim has updated all of the repos that we maintain and those are all published and now support testing with python 312 there's still a bunch of repos where there are PRS that have not merged. I know there are chintan and a couple of other people have started looking at repos that don't have maintenance and just trying to help move those forwards. So that's super appreciated question I had for maybe Oasis the right person, but anybody else who's aware of this is I don't know if we have any tooling that Automatically what version of both python is specific repo supports today.

Feanil Patel: I think we have heuristics of looking at the GitHub workflows or looking at other pieces of things as humans, but I wasn't sure if there was any automation that told us that does anybody wear anything.

Awais Qureshi: I think we can try the Rapport Health dashboard and we can get this information from classifiers.

Feanil Patel: Okay.

Feanil Patel: That's a good idea. Okay, I'll take a look at that. Because I want to start collecting what's done. Because I know that different people are making new Pro requests on some of these repos and I want to make sure that I have a good high level picture. where

Feanil Patel: All right, and honestly in terms of Maintenance work, that's it. we've got I think six repos currently that are in progress for being maintained. the Gradebook is accepted. I think we're just waiting for the catalog info update and then I'll mark that as maintained. So that's really exciting in terms of a high priority repos that still need maintainers Paragon is one that I don't know what the current state of it is. I think open craft is interested in maintaining it but I don't know Adolfo. That's one that Axim should coordinate maintenance on or if it makes sense for somebody in the community to take over and for you to support why don't we discuss that for a second?

Adolfo Brandes: I mean Paragon has so many tentacles as Sarina alluded to yesterday that any help is welcome. we can certainly discuss a joint maintenance of something like that, right?

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah, I would say it sounds like maybe it's worth somebody just putting up a post asking to become maintainer. If you from open craft that since they were interested and moving from there.

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, I can do that. I'll just take …

Feanil Patel: Okay.

Adolfo Brandes: I'll use specifically the words joint maintainership, right because these fundamental repositories.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I'm

Adolfo Brandes: I think it's worth it for accent to have a closer look at.


Feanil Patel: yeah, yeah, that sounds good. Yeah and Tim. I don't know who had open craft will be the right people, but you guys can coordinate with Adolfo on this.

Tim Krones: Yeah, sure maybe shittich. That's who I can think of sort of off the top of my head.

Feanil Patel: Okay.

Tim Krones: But yeah,…

Feanil Patel: Sounds good.

Tim Krones: let's take that offline.

Adolfo Brandes: cool Thanks.

Feanil Patel: But great Yeah, so that was one that was previously maintained that I wanted to make sure we still have coverage for since it is so fundamental.

Feanil Patel: There's a couple more here where I think there is interest where I think people have been seeing the posts on the forums for sort of expanded access and expanded maintenance ship access. Please continue to make those I'm gonna start trying to chase some of these down but I don't have capacity to do all of them. So if there are ones that are empty and you have capacity to clean them just start making those posts and getting those things in front of people for review.

Feanil Patel: Other than that, I don't think I have anything else. Does anybody else have any questions or concerns Kyle?

Kyle McCormick: Do we know if the Redwood cut is happening April 9th or May 9th?

Adolfo Brandes: Good question.

Adolfo Brandes: We push it back two weeks, right? So instead of April 9th. It's more May. I forget the two in between two weeks and when that date comes. We reconvene during a BTR meeting. and product comes to that meeting and if they think they need two more weeks then they make the case for it and we decides during the meeting whether we're going to push it of further two weeks back, right which would make it to another four month

Feanil Patel: okay, chintan had a question in chat, which is I mean Jensen for the python 312 upgrade. We will need everything that we're currently using which is also a lot of those lower priority things the priorities there are sort of Critical pieces of the system so those should definitely be prioritized first, but anything that gets used in the core platform, we'll need the upgrade happening to it. And then Michelle go for it.

Michelle Philbrick: I just wanted to clarify on the spreadsheet Tim, and I should be going by the yaml files for maintenance Repose right review.

Feanil Patel: Okay, yeah.

Michelle Philbrick: I just make it. Thank you.

Feanil Patel: And I try to update them before this meeting every week so they should be fairly up to date. And eventually we will be able to just say go look at Backstage and…

Michelle Philbrick: Awesome. Thank you.

Feanil Patel: see what but for now since we're still in this intermediate phase. Go ahead Tim.

Tim Krones: I just a quick follow-up on that what is more helpful for maintainers? If we just paying for example, the group name and a comment or should we assign or request review from the group directly? I did see in the GitHub documentation that there is an option to turn off notifications for group things. So I'm just want to make sure that the things actually reach someone.

Adolfo Brandes: you can turn off personal notifications to You yeah, that's a good question.

Tim Krones: That's true. That's a good point.

Adolfo Brandes: but I can speak for myself. What works?

Adolfo Brandes: it's if you request a review from me today,…

Tim Krones: Okay.

Adolfo Brandes: that's all you need to do because then I basically just look every day at my review requests and Try to do something about it. I haven't done this always this is a reasonably new thing.

Tim Krones: right Okay.

Adolfo Brandes: But yeah.

Tim Krones: That we can just try that and see how that goes. And yeah, I mean you can always ping us Michelle and myself on the prs2 if we're being to Naggy or something or if you would like us to change our approach that's fine. Thanks.


Feanil Patel: yeah, I mean I think that's the right right move which is that tag people who review first and if this things are quiet, then you're gonna end up having to comment and ask them questions about where things are at anyway, so We can see…

Tim Krones: You can make sense.

Feanil Patel: if assigning reviewers isn't working. But at least that way people can quickly find the things that they're responsible for.

Tim Krones: Yep.

Feanil Patel: and I don't think this is currently true, but we will make sure that it is true soon, which is that every the team listed here should have explicit right access to the repos that they maintain and we will make sure that that'll make it easier to assign them as the reviewer because I think if the team isn't on the repo or the user is not on the repo then you can assign them. So if you run into issues like that then falling back to comments is fine Kyle.

Kyle McCormick: if I Ever just suggestion. So with review requests, I've seen them kind of used culturally on this project as I have a PR and so I request review from five different people in hopes of getting review from one of them. And so review requests are kind of like this really noisy Channel. whereas a Siamese is more targeted. Hey you need to do this thing, but maybe instead of requesting review from maintenance you sign the maintainer if that's possible. Or we talk in groups because I guess you can't assign groups.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I mean some of these maintenance are groups, which is what makes it tricky.

Kyle McCormick: that doesn't make a tricky.

Feanil Patel: Michelle

Michelle Philbrick: Yeah, so in looking at the sheets, I just have another clarification question. For instance. I noticed there are some groups on here some q u groups like Aurora, and previously they had very limited capacity to review and there's still listed as the owners and…

Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Michelle Philbrick: I just want to make sure that we should still be pinging them. Okay.

Feanil Patel: unless they have removed themselves from a thing keep pinging them and if you are getting I think a thing that we'd love to start tracking is sort of like the response rate per group or per maintainer so that we can understand which maintenance are not meeting our expectations. I don't know if that's a thing you guys are already tracking or if that's the thing we could help you track, but that's a thing that we're going to want to know about to make sure that things are well maintained.

Michelle Philbrick: I think Tim and have already do that for the repos that we Look at we definitely take note of ones that are stuck or…

Feanil Patel: Okay.

Michelle Philbrick: stalled or…

Feanil Patel: Okay.

Michelle Philbrick: that haven't had responses. So maybe that's something we can bring to this group if we have ones that haven't been responded to

Adolfo Brandes: You can also just try me before that. I don't know if I mean some of you may have noticed I'm basically just reviewing everything that falls on is in front of me. So if it's a front-end thing. Just try to ping me explicitly and…

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I mean.

Adolfo Brandes: then if for some reason I can't do anything about it all.

Feanil Patel: I think that's totally fine to pay Adolfo on reviews.

Adolfo Brandes: You differ.

Feanil Patel: But if maintainers aren't reviewing things that they're responsible for. I think you should bring it up to this group either way. Because we want to know…

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: if maintenance can't maintain things and potentially find new maintenance or figure out a different strategy.

Feanil Patel: as we do have I mean part of the maintenance expectations is Response within a reasonable time even if they don't like not everything has to get merged but everything does have to get reviewed in a reasonable time and we have a definition of what that reasonable time is, which is I think First Response within a couple of weeks. So that's not happening. We need to make sure that the maintenance is aware of the responsibilities and can meet them.

Feanil Patel: So I want to make sure that this group can track those issues.

Feanil Patel: Kyle east of your handrace. Did you have another? but

Kyle McCormick: Nope, not intentionally. Sorry.

Feanil Patel: cool


Feanil Patel: Anybody have anything else?

Michelle Philbrick: Vanilla, I have an additional question for you, but I'll ask it after the meeting.

Feanil Patel: Okay, that sounds good. I can stick around also, so to discuss that so I guess the other.

Michelle Philbrick: Okay.

Feanil Patel: The other question I have is moving forward I suspect this meeting will be closer to the 30-minute Point rather than the hour. It's slotted for.

Feanil Patel: I can shrink the meeting is it having it weekly as a check-in Point still useful to other people?

Feanil Patel: Michelle I'm seeing lots of yeses. All right, so we'll leave it every week and I'll just update it to be a half hour instead of an hour. Because I think we'll be able to get through content fairly quickly. And if we have big discussions, we can always push it to the next meeting and have them at the top of the agenda for the next one or something like that. But I think we're mostly checking in and making sure people are staying informed. The big thing. I will say is

Feanil Patel: if you have any spare CC Cycles or maintenance Cycles, please review and merge or review and update python 312 PRS. That's our big Target for Redwood. That is I would say most at risk of being missed. So that's our highest priority maintenance item at the moment.

Feanil Patel: right and nobody has anything else I can let you all go Michelle. I can stick around and we can chat some more.

Michelle Philbrick: Okay, cool.

Feanil Patel: Thanks everybody.

Meeting ended after 00:21:58 👋