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\uD83D\uDDD3 Date, time, location

\uD83D\uDDE3 Discussion topic(s)

One, maybe two topics to be presented or discussed in depth in the upcoming meeting.


  • Piral vs Webpack Module Federation

    • Might be beneficial to go “a step down” and directly use module federation instead of adding another framework/library (Piral)



Please be advised: Frontend Working Group meetings are recorded and transcribed.

\uD83D\uDC65 Participants

🤖 Summary

A summary of the meeting, generated from the transcript by ChatGPT4.


In conclusion, the meeting was productive in introducing and discussing the potential of Webpack Module Federation for improving front-end composability. The attendees agreed on the need for further exploration and testing to understand the full implications and technical details of adopting this approach.

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