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Gabriel Weinberg

  • Feedback widget


  • Is the CTA always a hyperlink/button? Should it be smart enough to dismiss itself after interaction?

    • It might depend on the use case?

    • Internal vs. external hyperlinks wrt dismiss behavior?

  • Should the feedback widget dismiss automatically after user makes a choice?

    • Maybe? But should be mindful of a11y/usability. Perhaps follow same pattern as Toast, which prevents auto-dismiss if you’re hovering/focusing on the Toast or otherwise dismisses after default of 5s).

  • Feedback widget is inline only (not a dialog).

Brian Smith
* Brian will make the check stroke transparent instead of white

Adam Stankiewicz

Follow-up on blocking AlertModal (i.e., isBlocking=true).

AlertModal docs:

tl;dr; isBlocking prevents modal from being dismissed by clicking outside the modal (on the modal backdrop) but does not prevent Esc key from dismissing.

(Jeff’s comment in response from the Slack thread doesn’t quite account for the isBlocking nature of the modal)


  • esc shouldn’t work when isBlocking

  • more a11y to be investigated on modals in general

  • Consider making icon in AlertModal always appear (would be a breaking change for any use cases that intentionally dont include an icon).

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