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Design tokens

Gabriel Weinberg
CC:Kaleb Davenport

  • Looking for status from Axim/Raccoon Gang on timing for merging alpha into master

  • Brian Smith

    • Current todo list for that part of the design tokens project includes the following bullets

      • Component updates:

        • What’s involved?

          • Styles need to be migrated.

          • Anything 2U can do to help (e.g., QA)?

            • Brian will communicate in PWG with PRs for QA on theme, etc.

        • Update Pagination

        • Update Chip Components

      • “Other components needing upgrade” (with a note of “write a list of the known components”)

      • Platform/Build PRs need to be near ready to merge before…

      • Publish alpha as 23.0.0

      • Update readme

    • General timeline?

      • Funded Contribution is funded / work is scoped.

      • Not quite. Not until we know how many more components need to be updated.

Theme “tweaks”

Brian Smith (I think this is more of a feature request than a bug)

  • Brian Smith will fix bug so search button respects scss vars link

  • Brian Smith will respond on issue with instructions to use scss var

Sheet component min-width

Brian Smith

Max set in design - might be for mobile

Design question: remove constraint when not on mobile? Gabriel Weinberg to find context on decision

Max width %? Min width px? How to ensure it isn’t acting as a modal.

Gabriel Weinberg to do a bit of exploration

Badge inside button

Brian Smith

No clear answers come to mind. Will continue conversation async on issue. Make sure any solutions don’t break width logic.


Checkbox in Menu Clickability

Brian Smith

Make the whole thing clickable - make sure cursor updates to show it is clickable