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5 mins

FullscreenModal header border radius PR

Brian Smith

10 mins

Paragon i18n with openedx-atlas and openedx-translations

Adam Stankiewicz

See comment thread about i18n on this PR.

[clarification] How does Paragon i18n work with openedx-atlas / openedx-translations?

For example, in this commit in frontend-app-learning, paragonMessages are no longer supplied.

There are a handful of Paragon references in openedx-translations (example), but unclear how these i18n messages integrate with consuming MFEs.

(Same question for the shared frontend-component-header and frontend-component-footer i18n messages).


  • When Atlas pulls translations, it replicates all messages to the MFE source code, e.g src/i18n/index.js. The i18n messages in openedx-translations do get passed to MFE’s frontend-platform’s initialize function.

5-10 mins

Hyperlink Link typescript rubber ducking

Adam Stankiewicz

Next steps:
* Will refer to react-bootstrap to try to replicate how it types as prop.

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