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5 min

Design Tokens

Max Frank


    • underlying PRs and other requirements will be merged after Redwood

    • Plan is to have everything done by Sumac or Teak

    • See project plan + gantt chart timeline here:

    • [Adam] For MFEs specifically, we will need to have some coordination with 2U around releasing updates to @edx/, @edx/frontend-component-header-edx, and @edx/frontend-component-footer-edx.

      • We don't have the remaining work for these shared libraries resources resourced at 2U...

      • These dependencies do not impact Storefront.

    • [Kaleb] Any downsides to pinning 2U Storefront to alpha version before things are merged upstream?

      • Yes, this should be OK.

    • [Max] For MFEs, can they also pin alpha?

      • Probably makes sense to wait for alpha to land on master.

Font Awesome

Inverted avatar icon color

  • Avatar svg no inverted version

    • using hardcoded hex color at the moment, should move to use

      • rectangle hardcoded white background

    • would just using a paragon icon component solve everything?

      • what would the props API to support this look like?