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10 minutes

toml tokens

Brian Smith


    • use case of brand package overrides makes a lot of sense one.value.nested.quite.deeply being able to be changed without needing to make a giant empty json structure

    • keep base tokens in json

      • matches style dictionary docs

      • structure is helpful when all the tokens are in there

5 minutes

material symbols

Brian Smith


    • 8GB ram for build/npm start unblocks issue

    • still need to investigate tree shaking

    • using 400 weight (that’s what we had for icons)

    • double check on icon → symbol name changes are handled gracefully

      • possibly just add under both new and old name if renamed

5 minutes

open PR

Brian Smith

5-10 minutes

modal popup fix

Brian Smith

5 minutes


Adam Stankiewicz

jsdelivr design tokens

  • how will cdn style urls work in tutor without relying on jsdelivr?

    • not quite sure yet