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User TypeMotivationUse CasesCore/Supporting/Generic

  • I want to teach millions of learners around the world, and know my time is a good investment. 
  • I want to improve as an educator.
  • I want to elevate my brand and attract millions and millions.
  • I want to connect with and learn from a community of educators.
  • I want to make money.
  • I want to do academic research and publish some papers. 
  • I want to effectively, and easily do my job (course build, course run, learner management, data review).
    • Effectively includes ability to pick and choose learning components.

Educator.1 Easy Authoring

  • Extensible educational blocks
  • Course Design (Structure - outline, etc)
  • Educational Blocks (Teaching components and Assessment)


  • Authoring learning components to later be delivered to a learner.
  • Rich eco-system of learning components.

Educator.2 Administration of Courses


  • Launch a course run.
  • Collect revenue share.

Educator.3 Actionable Data and Feedback

  • What are my students doing 

Educator.4 Communities of Practice

Supporting or Generic?

Educator.5 Supporting Learners (Community and Mentorship)

Supporting or Generic?
  • I want to learn, so that I can improve my life (career change, improve my job, raise, change roles, fulfill educational requirements).
  • I am a lifelong learner.
  • I want to connect with others in similar fields of interest.

Learner.1 Discovery: Find the right course/program to help them achieve their goals

Supporting or Generic?

Learner.2 Achieve Learning Outcomes

  • Rigor/quality of instruction


  • Consume content to achieve learning outcomes.
  • Determining learning pathway.
    • Inside and outside of course.

Learner.3 Support through their learning pathway – progress, messaging, social

Supporting or Generic?

Learner.4 Proof of Learning, credentials/certifications

Supporting or Generic?
  • Enterprise Admins:
    • I want to effectively, and easily do my job (course curation, employee management, data review).
    • I want to know my time and my employee's time is a good investment.
    • I want to upskill my employees.
    • I want to validate completion of internal requirements (legal / business policies).
    • I want to retain my employees (a benefit).
    • I want to create a pathway for my employees.
  • Educator Admins:
    • I want to effectively, and easily do my job (learner management, data review).

Admin.1 Actionable Data and Feedback

  • Am I getting my money's worth

Admin.2 Setting up edX for their org

  • Curation
  • Integration