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TopicI'm InterestedComments or LinksDev Summit or Birds of a FeatherNotes

JMW, Peter Pinch, PM, MFA, ATD, KS, RB, MH, JMB, HK, Anna Lifshits-Agmon, Samuel Paccoud JMT

Next release cycle Discuss at the end of Dev Summit.
API Authorization

DJH, NAA, Peter Pinch, MFA, ATD, JMT, SathishKumar Eswaran, Kabir KhanSarav Palani, Jhansi Reddy, Elton Carr, Kunal Desai

OAuth ScopesConsider discussing this in a Birds of a Feather session, given # of signups.
Extensions and Extensibility

JMW, DJH, NAA, Peter PinchBraden MacDonald, Tobias Macey, BCW, KS, OIT, RB, JV, TG, TJ, MH, Dave Ormsbee (Do Not Use), Anna Lifshits-Agmon, JMT, JL

Plugins, Hooks, APIs, etc.Discuss at morning Breakout Session in Dev Summit.API and Extensions at Dev Summit, 2018-06-01
Adaptive Learning

DJH, NAA, TG, MH, Dave Ormsbee (Do Not Use), JMB, Ben Yang, Anna Lifshits-Agmon, Samuel Paccoud, Giulio Gratta

Adaptive Learning with edX (presentation)Consider discussing this in a Birds of a Feather session, given # of signups.

JMW, DJH, JLB, PM, Braden MacDonald, MFA, ATD, RB, EK, JV, TG, TJ, MH, AA, Anna Lifshits-Agmon, JMT, JL

Figures / Lightweight analytics proposal Discuss at morning Breakout Session in Dev Summit.Analytics Breakout Session

DJH, NAA, Braden MacDonald, KS, EK, JV, DCL, MH, Dave Ormsbee (Do Not Use), Peter Pinch, AA, HK, Ben Yang, Anna Lifshits-Agmon, Samuel Paccoud Tobias Macey

Composable and reusable content repository - see Draft Blockstore Proposal

Discuss at afternoon Breakout Session in Dev Summit.Open edX Dev Summit, 2018-06-01
Dockerized Open edX

Nate Aune (NJA), MFA, KS, RA, OIT, RB, TG, SM, DCL, JMB, AA, Ben Yang, Anna Lifshits-Agmon, Samuel Paccoud

While Open edX Devstack is Docker-based, it still depends on Ansible to build the images. This can slow down the developer's workflow and alienate newcomers to Open edX, as they have to learn all the intricacies of Ansible in order to debug installation issues.

We will explore recent projects (openedx-docker and openfun/fun-platform) to create a pure Dockerfile-based (no Ansible) way to set up a local Open edX development environment.

We will also explore what a container-based production deployment of Open edX looks like using only Dockerfiles, and not depending on Ansible for the orchestration. See openfun/arnold for a Kubernetes-powered deployment of Open edX.

See discussion of these two topics in this Google Doc "Running Open edX on Docker", which is the scratchpad to identify goals for the upcoming Open edX Development Summit.

Discuss at afternoon Breakout Session in Dev Summit.
MultitenancyMFA, ATD
Consider discussing this in a Birds of a Feather session, given # of signups.
Hackday: mobile apps xblocksThis needs a lot of eyes and hands, lots of problems to solve here. Android, iOS, Python, and xblock devs, join us! We need API extensions and front-end updates for, well, pretty much every xblock and xmodule, so let's work through them together. Hop on the train, join the group, let's make good stuff happen.Feel free to hack away in one of our 2-3 rooms during the Dev Summit.  (smile)Mobile/XBlocks breakout
Core developer status

XAN, KS, RA, OIT, EK, JV, SM, Peter PinchBen Yang, Anna Lifshits-Agmon, Samuel Paccoud, JMT, GiulioG, Steven Burch, Nate Aune

We have been discussing opening and empowering more the core developer status for people who aren't part of edX - what would be the next steps? John Mark will speak to this at the beginning of the conference - in the State of Open edX Plenary.Governance breakout
CMS & Course SearchDeveloping a CMS to combine a great search experience and an easy to use publishing environment. (using Django-CMS and ElasticSearch)