Course Blocks (aka xblocks, components)

This document outlines the key objects that make up a course.

  • The course outline is the container for all of your course content. The outline contains one or more sections.

  • Course sections are at the top level of your course and typically represent a time period (chapter) . A section contains one or more subsections.

  • Course Subsections are parts of a section, and usually represent a topic or other organizing principle( i.e lesson, topic, small unit of work). A subsection (aka sequential) contains one or more units.

  • Units are lessons in a subsection that learners view as single pages. A unit contains one or more components.

  • Components are objects within units that contain your actual course content( i.e. problem, video, discussion, or other content blocks).

A graphic generated by the T&L team in H1 2023