Doc-A-thon Extension: Internal Planning



Doc-a-thon was extended the doc-a-thin until March 15 (Ides of March).


  • Nimisha created Leaderboard

  • We continue to keep the #doc-a-thon channel in Slack for questions and answers.


  • Natalia

    • grants badges to participants

    • updates Sign up list with status changes and reviewer names

    • posts and removes banner in Discourse (from Feb 8 through Feb 15, and then from March 8 through March 15.)

  • The following people have volunteered to help:

    • Answering questions in Slack - Raul Galegos

    • Merge - Felipe Montoya, Braden McDonald, Peter Pinch

    • Review of PRs - Sofiane Bebert and all of the above (use Github handle #doc-a-thon-reviewers)


  • We grant a Doc-A-Thon badge to:

    • Any contributor, who opens a TSD PR and it gets merged

    • Any PR reviewer

  • The 2 top-most contributors and the 2 top-most reviewers get additional prizes (@Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated) need to think what it will be).

  • Each contributing organization (with a reasonable quantity of contribution) is recognized at this year’s conference. (Need to set a reminder).



  • When do we write the blog post in Open edX website?