Toggles and Settings Documentation

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Potential Tasks


  • (HIGH) DEPR improvement ideas:

  • (HIGH) .

  • (MEDIUM)

  • Add deprecation ticket to a separate annotation for convenient filtering out during future reviews

  • Check toggle_implementation annotation matches actual implementation class used when possible.

  • No linting exists to ensure settings are annotated.

    • Needs brainstorming if we think this would be important.

  • No linting exists to ensure ConfigModels with booleans are annotated.

Improvements to published docs and reporting

  • (HIGH)

  • (HIGH)

  • (HIGH)

  • Include more annotated settings in RTD documentation.

    • Context:

    • Potential Tickets

      • Discovery: How can we capture settings toggles not documented in lms/envs/ or cms/envs/ but are still in the edx-platform repo

        • AC:

          • Either a POC that captures settings in other places or an ADR to guide us on where these docs should live.

      • Discovery: How do we collect annotations from libraries installed in edx-platform?

  • Allow for formatting in annotations, rather than having everything be plain-text.

  • Remove pylint disable pragmas from annotation output.

  • Reporting on suspicious toggle state data

    • Examples:

      • Bad data like waffle names with leading or trailing spaces in the database.

      • Potentially orphaned data (data with no annotation and no toggle definition)

    • Toggle State Report may be simplest location, using a new column

Toggle Enhancements


The following toggles and settings tooling potential tasks around toggles and settings tooling, was generated while working on , , and earlier work from the Arch-BOM team.