Django 3.2 Upgrade Action Items

Next Steps

@Jeremy Bowman Create high level tickets for Arbi-Bom for all IDA marked in Green here
@Jeremy Bowman Add step to about edX employees creating a ticket for each IDA they will work and post link to it in the respective cell in
@Jeremy Bowman Write in more details about the upgrade in .
@Jeremy Bowman Update the total number of dependencies (second number) in Dependencies column in .
@Jeremy Bowman Update runbook for handling abandoned dependencies -
@Jeremy Bowman Create Github issues for packages that do not yet claim the support of Django 3.2 in the Github project board, link to issues/card spreadsheet.
@Natalia Berdnikov Once community picks them up and opens an OSPR, add URL with OSPR link to the spreadsheet.
@Sarina Canelake (Do Not Use) (Deactivated) Start promoting this Github cards with community once @Jeremy Bowman gives a sign off.
@Natalia Berdnikov After vacation ping Simon about service level.