Django 3.2 Upgrade: Roles and Communication


Team and Roles





@Jeremy Bowman

Project Tech Lead

@Natalia Berdnikov

Project Manager

Arbi-BOM squad at Arbisoft, led by @Jeremy Bowman

Development, reviewing, deployment, verification

Owning squads at edX

Develop, review, merge, or test, depending on selection in

Open edX Community members


Open edX Core Committers

Development, review, merging

Community Engineering at edX, led by @Sarina Canelake (Do Not Use) (Deactivated):

Promote with the community, encourage Core Committers candidates to participate

edX Engineering Directors, JP


@Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated)


edX Build Test Release Working Group


Open edX Community Members

Stakeholder (consumers of named releases)



Tracking and Reporting

All tickets are pulled into the Upgrade Board. It includes tickets within (by Arbi-BOM), tickets with django-3.2 label (from owning squads), and OSPR tickets with DU3.2 tag in the title (from the Open edX community). Issues available for the Open edX community to help with (and PRs for work they’ve already started) will also be collected in the Django 3.2 Upgrade GitHub Project board.