Mongo 4.2 Upgrade - Action Items

Current Action Items

@Natalia Berdnikov Engage with TNL to write remaining tickets & populate table
@Jeremy Ristau Provide name of Infinity name assignee/contact for this project (cs-comments-service part of it.
@Joe Mulloy Work with Kyle (and maybe with the new Infinity member) to agree on how SRE and TNL want to review and track. E.g. TNL reviews everything in every step and has a ticket for each separate review cycle. Or TNL lets SRE review some of the environments, etc.



@lcicchese Create an epic, assign to an SRE team member.
@lcicchese Under this epic, create a discovery ticket for going from 4.0 to 4.x & making a playbook based on
SRE TBD: write remaining tickets. (Results of PSRE-878)
@lcicchese Reach out to Jeremy Ristau about coordinating and reviewing.
@Natalia Berdnikov Create a tracking table for IDAs in scope.