Event Bus Project

Event Bus Project Roadmap

See https://github.com/openedx/platform-roadmap/issues/28

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Outdated Notes

The following docs need to be cleaned up and moved to more appropriate docs.


Discovery Work

The following high-level items will be worked on in parallel to the extent they enable each other.

  • Document: Draft OEP

    • Explaining higher level need. (IN PROGRESS)

    • Draft child ADR choosing a technology.

  • Implement:

    • Milestone 1: POC of basics working in devstack

      • Schemas

    • Milestone 2: Optional event to production (IN PROGRESS)

      • Development: Error Handling, Data Liberation, Dead Letter Queues, Retries, Use Cases, etc. as-needed.

      • Hosting: Scaling, Monitoring, Schemas, etc. (Some schedule risk with vendor approval.)

    • Milestone 3: Onboarding docs, Limited new optional events

      • Enable additional squads; limited onboarding

        • for notes on possible next events

      • Events will be optional for Nutmeg to allow community time to get ramped up

      • Sandboxes or Edge?

    • Milestone 4: Event bus required

      • Events can be required for Olive. Community must have a solution.

  • Educate: (IN PROGRESS)

    • Education directly related to events, crafting OEP, and trialing technology

    • Event-Driven Architecture Book Club

    • Onboarding documentation