Using GitHub Projects in place of Jira

Create a GitHub Project for your team

  • Create a GitHub Project, either in an organization (<ORG>/projects) or in a repo (<OWNER>/<REPO>/projects).

  • Show labels and milestones on your board by choosing the first option under the board view’s drop-down.

Associate an issue/PR with your team’s GitHub Project

An issue/PR will display any associated Projects in the right-hand sidebar, but only if the Project is in the same org. See notes on using milestones (below) as a workaround.

  • Add issues/PRs to your team’s board as needed.

  • In certain cases, this association is only viewable from the board itself (see warning).

Board and Backlog views

  • You may want a separate view for your board and your backlog.

  • Add a GitHub project custom field named “Backlog” with a “Backlog” value.

  • You can filter out backlog items from your Board view using -backlog:Backlog and filter them in to your Backlog view using backlog:Backlog.


  • Add an issue to the most appropriate repo.

  • Use GitHub task lists for sub-tasks.

    • Note: The parent/child relationship will only be visible from inside the task or sub-task. It will not be visible from the board view.


In agile development, an Epic represents a series of user stories that share a broader strategic objective.

  • Add a GitHub project custom field named “Epic” with a list of epic names.

  • Optionally create a GitHub issue representing the Epic with the “epic” label.

Private Issues

  • If an issue needs to be private, some options include:

    • Create the issue in a private repo, or

    • Create the issue in a public repo with reasonable public details, and reference a private ticket (like private Jira) for the full story.

Project Labels

  • GitHub labels can be used for many reasons, including another way to group related tasks.

    • For example, since Event Bus work will likely contain a variety of milestones, an event-bus label will be used to quickly find all of its associated tasks.

    • To see and define labels, use:<ORG>/<REPO>/labels

    • Note that Axim is maintaining standard labels on openedx repos.

      • TODO: Document link to standard labels.

Since labels need to be recreated in each repo, these definitions allow the labels to be consistent.




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Work related to the Event Bus.