Create Re-direct URLs for Documentation

Often in artifacts like README files it’s useful to link out to other content. However, when that content is moved updating all the places it’s referenced can be difficult. This is particularly relevant as we’re revamping our documentation and our README files. Creating a canonical reference URL that redirects to our best content is one way to keep links up to date and minimize places we need to make changes.

For example, it is convenient to have every XBlock repository link to the XBlock documentation or for any of our repositories to link to the standard “How to Contribute” guide.

For this we can create links like:

For now we will adopt a simple and nearby solution, WordPress redirects. If our needs grow, we can consider a more robust tool in the future. WordPress redirects will issue a HTTP 301 redirect to whatever target is specified.

You will need admin rights on the Open edX WordPress site to create redirect URLs. Typically only tCRIL staff will have the ability to create or update redirects


  1. Navigate to and login to WordPress

  2. Create a new redirect using the path convention /r/{{canonical-name}}. Note the /r/ portion of the path which distinguishes these redirects from internal ones.

  3. Use the “Redirections” group when creating your new redirect

  4. Test the new link to ensure it is working as intended

  5. Use the link wherever you need it

In the future the redirect target can be updated as our information architecture changes or content is moved or consolidated.