E-Commerce Pain Points by RaccoonGang experience

I’m sure other community members who work with the e-commerce service feel the following pain points:

Adding New Payment Providers

E-commerce doesn't have a mechanism to add new payment providers. The one option we have is to add a new payment processor directly into the e-commerce codebase. In our experience, we did pretty straightforward – clone the e-commerce repository to the project and create a new processor in it. Almost all our clients from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa require that customization.

To address that issue, the commerce-coordinator should provide a pluggability option. For example, it could reuse the plugin extension tool Open edX has for the platform and proctoring services.

Support for different Currencies

Another paint point relates to the hardcoded currency in the e-commerce static files. When some other currency is expected it cannot be changed with configuration but with the overriding lots of static files.

We would appreciate it if the coordinator supports different currencies at the same time and the administrator can set the price in USD or UAH, or any other appropriate currency.

There could be some limitations to having such flexibility. And we could consider having only one currency per platform which could be configurable during or after the installation progress.