How to create an orphan module

When you're investigating an issue or bug with orphans

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a course in Studio
  2. Add a unit and two problems to that unit
  3. Publish the course
  4. Export the course
  5. In XML, find the vertical:
  6. Remove the pointer to the second problem:
  7. Tar the course (tar -czvf <name_of_tar>.tar.gz dir_to_tar/)

  8. Re-import the course
  9. Voilà, the second problem is no longer in the course tree, but hasn't been removed from the course.
  10. To verify, in studio, go to /orphan/<course_id>


Note: exporting a course walks the course tree, so if you export a course with orphans, and import it into a new course, that new course won't have any orphans. If you want to play around with a course that currently has orphans in a safe way, you should rerun the course–that does preserve orphans.

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