How to change Professional Education seat to Verified

When a course team incorrectly setup a course run seat to Professional Education and want to change it back to Verified.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find course in Publisher Tool and edit and change the seat to Verified
    1. Note: If Publisher Tool does not allow to save the changes (usually due to current published run), use Django admin tool to change the seat type here
  2. Publish the course run from Publisher Tool
  3. Find the course run in course-discovery Django Admin tool here
  4. Goto seats section and remove the Professional Education seat from this course run
  5. Find course product in E-commerce Oscar dashboard using course title (e.g. Seat in course-title) in product title field here, it will return multiple product types
    1. Open product details with type "seat"
    2. Goto variants section and delete the Professional Education variant and save the changes, verify course ID before deleting.
    3. Delete the product with type "Enrollment Code" for professional track as well for that course run otherwise Publisher will raise error on publishing due to mismatching product variant for professional.
  6. Goto LMS Django admin tool and find course modes for this run here
  7. Remove Professional Education mode for this course run.
  8. Re-publish the course run from Publisher to sync data and verify that there was no error.