Pytest Integration

To configure pytest tests in VSCode:

  1. Install the Python Extension for VSCode
  2. Run the Python: Configure Tests command
  3. In Settings > Python > Testing: Pytest Args, add the --no-cov argument
  4. Run the Python: Discover Tests command
  5. This adds the Run Test | Debug Test buttons in VSCode with breakpoint integration

Alternatively, edit settings as follows, then run Python: Discover Tests

pytest settings
    "python.testing.unittestEnabled": false,
    "python.testing.nosetestsEnabled": false,
    "python.testing.pytestEnabled": true,
    "python.testing.pytestArgs": [


Pylint in edx-platform

The Python plugin (published by Microsoft) has pylint support. The tricky bit is that you have to install all of the requirements in a local virtualenv, because pylint imports the python files to analyze them. So, in edx-platform, you'd need to make a virtualenv, pip install -r requirements/edx/development.txt, and then in VSCode, you need to

  1. set your virtualenvironment root (Python: Venv Path in user settings)
  2. set your workspace interpreter (Python: Select Interpreter in the command window [Ctrl + Shift + p])

Due to edx-platform sys.path stuff, you should also add stuff to the path that VSCode knows about by setting the following in your Workspace Settings

python.autoComplete.extraPaths": [