Netlify deployments for technical doc site

The tech docs at and are both deployed using Netlify. This gets us deploy previews for all pull requests without any extra configuration.

The Netlify account information is stored in the shared-edx-fed passwords. Log in to Netlify using edx-netlify Github user ( If you need access to Netlify, reach out to @Adam Stankiewicz .

The Netlify billing details are provided by TeamPay via @Michael Leary.

Within Netlify we have two team accounts. One is the paid team for deploying the now-deprecated website, which is now a Next.js website with the sole purpose to redirect all incoming requests to such that existing links continue working.

The second is the Sponsored OSS account that Netlify provides us for free due to the open source nature of the project:


Deployments for the Paragon tech doc site happen upon merge to master. During the build of the tech docs, a CSS stylesheet for each supported theme (e.g., brand) is generated that may be toggled via the “Settings” pane in the header of the documentation website.

If there is a new release of the npm package that you would like to see reflected on the tech doc site before any new merge to the paragon repository occurs, you can trigger a manual deploy from the Netlify deploys dashboard.