September 12, 2019

Date, time, and location

Thursday, September 12, 1pm EDT (US) / 10am PDT (US) / 17:00 UTC

Zoom link:


Welcome back from summer!

  • We are excited about a few initiatives.  Marco Morales will lay out some details:
    • Platform Development Proposals: A discussion about the new contribution proposal process aimed at providing feedback earlier in the process, paired with a community conversation supported by a Discourse thread.
    • Visual Platform Map: An effort to visually represent the major Open edX platform areas to help organize discussion, proposals, and a future platform vision for various areas of the platform.
    • 2019 Goals Revisit: Time to discuss the goals we set at the 2019 conference, with an opportunity to raise suggestions / areas where the community and can collaborate to make progress on these goals.  


The text chat during the recording was:

13:20:42 From Nate Aune : Is it expected that these descriptions will find their way onto the site?
13:20:52 From Marco : Yes!
13:21:01 From Marco : Great callout / point here Nate. That is the goal.
13:21:08 From Nate Aune : Cool, thanks.
13:23:55 From Nate Aune : can you move a bit closer to the mic Ned?
13:24:08 From Marco : (Attempted to fix)
13:25:09 From Open edX :
13:31:03 From Nate Aune : How do you see the overlap between Discourse and Slack?
13:31:45 From Marco : Great question we can speak to that.
13:32:16 From Marco : I have had myself similar questions in the past, I can let Ned answer and then I’ll add my thoughts as well.
13:32:17 From Nate Aune : Will the user attribution be retained when the content on is migrated to the “Collaborative Proposals” forum?
13:33:26 From Marco : ^ This is another good question, I believe Ned and Xavier have discussed this, I’m not sure about the specific migration options that exist, I think it is limited between discourse sites.
13:34:02 From Marco : We may try to go post by post and work with the original authors to migrate but we can check with Ned on the latest there.
13:34:58 From matej : I remember seeing somewhere on Discourse that there’s been some investigations into moving discussions in Open edX from its current solution to using another (even Discourse). Was that just an idea or is it something being seriously thought of?
13:35:10 From Nate Aune : Is there any benefit to integrating Slack and Discourse somehow?
13:36:47 From Nate Aune : See Matej’s question above ^^^
13:37:44 From Régis B. : thanks!
13:39:40 From Zena Bartusch : University of washington will not pay for our Open edX staff to go to a conf outside of the US.
13:40:12 From Régis B. : Buy Portugal!
13:41:41 From Marco : ^ I imagine that isn’t in our budget :)
13:44:35 From Régis B. : thanks ned!
13:44:44 From dseaton : Thank you!
13:44:45 From Michelle : thank you!