Use Cases for Significant Contributions

Here are some use cases which demonstrate how people might navigate the Significant Contribution workflow.

Example cases

  1. A small group of people are interested in improving the use and reuse of creative commons licensed content on and other Open edX sites.  Informal brainstorming sessions produce half a dozen possible changes to the platform that would help them achieve this.  They talk to the open source team, who determine that because this is larger than a single OSPR, because this would directly affect the user experience, and because it would involve working with multiple teams, the group should go through all four steps of the process.

Cases to cover (not yet turned into examples)

  • Actual historical/current examples:

    • Comprehensive theming (or something like it) where there’s a long and somewhat complicated history of internal development that needs to be considered by the working group.

    • CCX?

  • Theoretical examples:

    • Team has already made a change to their local installation and wants to contribute it upstream

  • Use cases of the ‘doesn’t actually need this process, but you might think it does’ type:

    • Team has a simple change that requires modifying more than one repo

    • Team has a feature request they do not want to implement themselves

    • Team has a bug report