Open edX 2017 Project day

General conference information

Open edX Conference

May 23 - 26, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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Project day time and location

Friday May 26, 2017

Universidad Carlos III Madrid Leganes campus

Library basement (building 5 in the program)


The Open edX Project day will be open to all conference attendees. If you're a community member interested in coming to the project day, register today for the Open edX conference!

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Idea: Title for the project

Explanation: A few details about what you hope to accomplish and what the work might look like

Necessary Skills: What do people need to know to work on this?

Point Person: Probably you! If you're proposing this or interested in taking lead on making sure it happens, write your name here.

Excited: Add your name here if you're really excited about this project and want to work on it.

Interested: Add your name here if you think you might want to work on this project, or want to hear more about it.

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What is a project day?

The Open edX conference projectday is an opportunity to work alongside other community members in person, starting new projects, collaborating on preexisting ones, and trying out ideas related to the platform and community.

More important than seeing a big project through from start to finish, the project day will provide us with the rare opportunity to sit next to people from all over the world who are interested in and passionate about the same stuff we’re working on. Since we all have this time separate from our usual work, we can experiment, try new things, finish small projects, and have some fun.

You don't have to know how to code! The project day is for everyone attending the conference! Perhaps you’re interested in capturing video workflow on the wiki. Maybe you’d like to work on reviewing, or writing, translations of the platform and documentation. Past projects have focused on design, course building, documentation, analytics, feature and XBlocks development, creating tools, and just seeing what innovative things can be done with the platform.

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